Christian is the main protagonist of the World Spin series. He is also a supporting character throughout other works by Owen Goretski.

Christian Harris
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 16
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Blue
Status Alive
Lifespan Vendetta-
Orientation Straight

World SpinEdit

Christian James Harris is the main character, and hero of the World Spin series. It is his metaphorical contract with the "Powerful One" that initially causes the series play out the way that it did. Of all of the characters in the series, Christian evolves the most as a person, in more ways than one. In one aspect, he goes from an immature teenager, to a desensetized and battlehardened adult. In another, Chris eventually renounces his vendetta that he had previously placed upon his fellow Timeblazers.


Vendetta serves as the introduction issue of Christian. At the beginning of the story, he


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