Danny Epiknezz is the Weapons Expert of the USS Black Phoenix. As well of both the Grand Admiral and the Grand General of the Starship Ravenger during the Spirit Tide. As well as the Human Resources person of the Time Shifter.

Danny Epiknezz
Cool Danny
Vital statistics
Gender Male
Race Human
Date of Birth October 27, 2537 C.E.
Age 17
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Red
Status Alive
Lifespan Vendetta-Validiction
Orientation Asexual


Before the "Quantum Insurrection", Danny lived with his sister Emily Epiknezz in the year 2537 C.E. He has been in charge of her since they were seven years old. Despite being only 34 seconds older than her, Danny has an extremely overbearing nature towards her. Their parents died when they were eight years old, and they were sent to live with a foster parent named Stephen Morgan. Stephen was a politician that believed that the adopting of children was an excellent source of good Public Relations. And as it turned out, he was right. Because by the year 2546, he played running mate to Julian Raesac.

On July 32, 2550, Stephen was elected as the 131st President of The United States, giving Danny and Emily an even larger range to do virtually whatever they wanted, so Danny did. During his presidency, Stephen began approving of the most oppressive, and militaristic laws to have ever been seen in the history of the United States. Ones that even Danny, with his often imperialistic thoughts could not support. It was these new "just" laws that caused Daniel (and later Emily) to turn their group of friends (also the children of politicians) into the form of a resistance, officially starting a full-scale revolution.

Quantum InsurrectionEdit

Danny and Emily led their new found resistance throughout the country, constantly being pursued by Stephen.


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Validiction: AKA 15-years laterEdit

Notable RelationshipsEdit

Emily EpiknezzEdit

Danny is Emily's older brother, and post-insurrection guardian. Because of this, he is extremely overprotective of her, much to her disdain. It is because of this overprotective nature that he goes on an inter-dimensional quest to find her when she goes missing before the creation of the Time Shifters. Danny spends the entirety of the Void series trying to find his lost sister. After he finally finds her in the ending of the World Spin series, he continues to have nightmares in which she is still lost and he is powerless to save her.

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